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Results 22 is a wellness coaching company that uses an interactive website combined with the weight loss protocol from Ideal Protein with the sole focus to provide you the education, motivation, coaching, and awareness that is required to ensure the highest probability of our clients adopting a new healthy Lifestyle that best reflects their values and character. Our combination of group, individual and virtual coaching provide our clients an unparalleled experience in helping them address their individual limiting beliefs and emotions that are driving their current behavior.

We are seeking individuals who are driven to do the hard work from an emotional, physical and spiritual standpoint to successfully transition to a Lifestyle that is the foundation for a higher level of joy, happiness and love in their life. We are seeking individuals who are willing to put themselves first and work with our coaches to develop a structured plan that provides them the tools they need far beyond a weight loss protocol to change their lives.


We believe that weight loss is the symptom and that only by thoroughly addressing the problem will we be able to help clients reach a higher level of love and belonging. We believe the problem is the limiting beliefs and emotions that are driving their current behavior which is why we have developed a 5 step process to tear down each layer of the problem before building on the new new habits that will lay the foundation for a new Lifestyle.



For every client that Results 22 can help live a healthy lifestyle, ten other people in their lives will be positively impacted. Our job is to make the world a better place by helping clients change one small habit at a time until those small, seemingly insignificant patterns build into a rock solid foundation upon which they can cultivate a new lifestyle upon that assists them in taking steps closer to, rather than further from, the goals & aspirations they have for their lives.

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Eds passion has always been health and wellness through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. When Ed’s training clients came to him to help with their nutritional needs as well, it become his quest to find a program that improves health and promotes overall changes for a healthier lifestyle. While searching for the best program to help his clients meet their goals, Ed was introduced to Ideal Protein, a weight loss/body fat reduction program. Ed believes in lasting results through changing one habit at a time. Ed is an excellent motivator that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.






Turn Your Passion into a success!

We believe that by working with our clients to develop a laser focused deeply held “Why” we enable our clients to view the world through a different lense that provides the motivation required for long lasting change.

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