It’s Not a Diet

A diet usually refers to following a set of rules over a defined period of time in a calorie deficit state to lose weight. Weight Watchers, Atkins, the all fruit diet cleanse, South Beach, The Mayo Clinic Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, and Ideal Protein all have various rules, procedures, and guidelines to follow in order to help people lose weight. What drives me crazy is when people say, “I have done dozens of diets before, but couldn’t keep the weight off.”  They move onto the next diet or fad that happens to be in vogue at the time.  Let me make something very clear:  Diets don’t help you keep the weight off!  Diets can help you to understand some of the underlying rules and concepts that will help you keep the weight off.  Saying any diet didn’t work because you put the weight back on is not accepting responsibility for your actions. Are you really trying to make the argument that it’s the diets fault that you can’t keep the weight off?  Had the diet been better you could have kept the weight off?  

Stay with me here. You need to fully understand weight/fat loss. If you take in less calories than you burn, you lose weight. If you take in more calories than you burn you put on weight. You will lose 1 pound a week if you can average a 500-calorie deficit every day of the week for seven days. You are always going to lose some lean muscle tissue when you are in a caloric deficit state. You are almost always going to add some percentage of fat to your body when you gain weight. Diets DON’T help you keep the weight off diets help you take the weight off. The vast majority of people in the world have absolutely no idea how to diet correctly.

So, if diets are intended to lose weight for a defined period of time how do I keep the weight off?  The one sentence answer is “you place a higher value on maintaining your weight/fat than you do for food and alcohol”. Our “foodie” clients tell us how hard it is to give up their favorite foods like pizza, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, dessert, pancakes, ice cream, etc. etc. What this “foodie” client is telling us it is they place a higher value on those foods than they do on happiness, self confidence, energy, pain in my knees, inflammation, etc. Every person in the world that is in shape places a higher value on staying fit, feeling healthy, or simply looking good than they do on snacking on potato chips and eating processed food.

Diets work because YOU follow another individual or companies defined set of rules for a given period of time and as long as you adhere to these rules then good results follow.  That does absolutely nothing to change how YOU will make choices once the diet is over. YOU put the weight back on because YOU place more value on food than you do maintaining the weight. You are not willing to make the hard choices or do the hard work that is required to maintain the weight loss because it’s EASIER to simply not follow rules, eat processed foods, and pretend that it doesn’t affect your life. 

If I had a contest that if any person could drop their current body fat % to less than 15% and hold at or below that number for one year (checking every week on our In-body composition scale, I would give you 1 million dollars. People would be coming from everywhere to get access to such a contest. Why? Because 90% of people in this country with daily knee pain from the inflammation in their joints would be healed? Nope!  Because people would no longer need to rely on 2-4 cups of coffee, pop, Red Bull, or some caffeine laced drink everyday to compensate for the total lack of energy that they have experienced for years and years because of the excess fat on their body? No chance. Because people finally came to the realization that getting healthy would results in being around for their kid’s wedding and to meet their grandchildren?  In order to give themselves the highest probability of that actually happening they all decided to sign up for the million dollar diet challenge being offered?  Almost nobody thinks about the probability of living longer if it means giving up drinking and processed foods in the short term. In fact, these people will cite verbatim for you the number of people they know or stats they have read about those who have died before their time to prove to me that being healthy guarantees you nothing.  Nobody said guarantee. It’s probabilities. YOU have a higher probability of not contracting a major disease or dying young if you are in great shape vs. those who are not. Clients will say, “I know three people that smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and none of them died of lung cancer”.  Therefore, I can smoke as much as I want because “we are all going to die someday.”  You can justify being out of shape or smoking everyday but please don’t ask me to believe your rationalization for doing so. 

Over the years people have tried so many diets and different exercise programs, all of which they feel failed them in some way that they begin to lose hope. They come to believe that this is who they are and how their life is supposed to go. I am here to tell you that any person willing to put in the hard work can lose 40+ pounds for men and 20+ pounds for women in an 8-week period of time. For the majority of people this is quite literally a life changing commitment.  With a strong belief system and a willing to change your habits, everyone is capable of keeping the weight off. You must come with an unwavering commitment, the willingness to change and the understanding that our program isn’t about how you want to look it’s about who you want to be.  Results 22 will provide you with the tools to achieve such a lofty goal and then you will put the habits in place to maintain such a lifestyle.

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